Premium Sport Sunscreen Face ZINC /White/ 30ml
Premium Sport Sunscreen Face ZINC /White/ 30ml

Premium Sport Sunscreen Face ZINC /White/ 30ml

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Color: White Zinc
Scent: Tropical Woody 
Our sunscreen ZINC designed for surfers and sportsman who spend long periods of time under active sun and in an extreme weather conditions. Where most sunscreens would fail to protect, our ZINC protects your skin for at least 80 min, water and sweat resistant and has a non-slippery formula.

We´ve been developing ZINC  formula for over a year and were constantly testing it on real surfers all over Indonesia and in the other climate conditions to find the perfect balance between ingredients, scent, degree of stickiness and color.
We use only the best ingredients: native Bali Coconut oil, Shea and Cocoa butters, Mineral pigments, combination of natural waxes, regenerating plant extracts and vitamins.

Contains NO 
  • artificial parfums
  • mineral oil
  • oxybenzone or any other chemicals sun filters


Protection of Zinc works  100% of time and product satisfaction guaranteed.

  • For Surfers and people who spend long periods on active sun (reapply if needed after 80 min)
  • Easy to apply
  • Mirror in the lid
  • Do not make hand slippery
  • Water+sweat resistant
  • Cares for the skin and nourishing with oils and extracts
  • Eco friendly convenient package 
  • White color, covering face, leaving flawless finish
  • 100% natural Bali Native ingredients, vegan& environment friendly
  • Mineral filters and pigments - Non nano Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide
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